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PT International Mineral Development is a new Company established in Indonesia, operating in iron sand mining and chrome mining. The scope of activities includes processing for mining and exports of minerals. The Company operates the concessions of iron sand with the benefication plans for upgradation with the capacity of around 30,000 tons/ month. 

The company also owns concession of chrome mines under the name of Shantung Minerals about 2,000 hectares with deposit of nearly 50 million tones.

The future plan of PT International Minerals Development is to establish coal trading and setting up a smelter for producing steel and acquiring more coal and manganese concessions.



KEM Tower, Jl. Landasan Pacu Barat
Blok B.10, Kav No.2, 6th Floor, Unit B
Gunung Sahari, Kemayoran 10610
Jakarta Pusat - Indonesia

Tel: +62 21 6570 3881
Mob: +62 817 0203 786