SwissInso SA. is a pioneer in the development and application of new solar technologies and products targeted at enhancing the aesthetics and overall efficiency of Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV). Following seven intensive years of applied research worth €10 million investment and in partnership with the EPFL (Swiss Polytechnic Institute), SwissInso developed a unique patented nano-deposition technology for the colour coating of solar glass – Kromatix™. With Kromatix™ technology, beautifully finished, coloured glass can be applied on both solar panels and solar thermal collectors, allowing – for the very first time – solar solutions to be completely integrated into the architectural design of all types of building. 

Kromatix™ coloured glass applied to solar panels generate the same amount of energy as conventional panels with negligible loss of efficiency and they can be mounted on all surfaces of a building, opening new opportunities in terms of architectural design and energy savings. With greater surfaces available for solar panel integration, building efficiency ratios and cost parameters are dramatically improved. Kromatix™ was used in the largest solar façade to date to realize the stunning Copenhagen International School project, completed in 2017 as seen in the accompanying picture. More than 12,000 pieces of Kromatix™ custom-sized panels were employed in this project and it powers more than 50% of the energy needs of the building.

SwissInso is committed to advancing research and development in the realm of BIPV. The future holds exciting possibilities for the development of thin glass, films and polymers in BIPV. Enhancements in this field in tandem with the steady development of solar cell technologies bodes well for the growth of solar architecture. 




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